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      Crest Process Engineering Ltd were recently aquired by Axflow and we now provide Sales, Service , Maintenance and Repair for Axflow in the South West of the UK, We continue to to supply all our previous  
       services and additionally can offer new services with the assistance of our Head Office in Slough


Thermoplastic vertical sump pumps
The KGK and Equipro range of Argal vertical sump pumps have column and volute casing submerged in the liquid while the motor, its support and delivery pipe are assembled to a common base plate which rests on top of the sump, well above the liquid.
Pump Length
The length of columns available varies depending on the range ;
Equipro HME – column length from 275 up to 450 mm
Equipro KME – column length from 600 up to 1500 mm
KGK –------------ column length from 500 up to 4000 mm.
Chemical Resistance
All components of the pumps wetted by the liquid pumped deliver excellent chemical resistance and are manufactured in Polyproplene or PVDF.
Polypropylene  = polypropylene , thermoplastic U.V. stabilised
PVDF = Vynilidene polyfluoride

Seal System
Argal sump pumps are fitted with vapour seal systems
Guide Bushings
Except for pump series HME and Equipro, whose shaft is overhung and does not require additional support, all other pump designs (KME & KGK) utilise a sliding guide bushing system.
The Guide Bushings are located in the lower side of the pumps close to the casing and are available in different materials chosen to suit the liquid pumped.

Liquid Laden with Solids. or Slightly Abrasive Liquids
Different materials and configurations of guide bushings are available, to allow pumping of liquids containing solids in suspension or which are moderately abrasive.

Electric Motor
All Argal vertical sump pumps are supplied with IEC compliant electric motors
(or NEMA compliant motors on demand).

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