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      Crest Process Engineering Ltd were recently aquired by Axflow and we now provide Sales, Service , Maintenance and Repair for Axflow in the South West of the UK, We continue to to supply all our previous  
       services and additionally can offer new services with the assistance of our Head Office in Slough

Metering AFFF Foam Concentrate

AFFF Foam Concentrate is expensive and can affect the environment, Crest were called in by a regional Fire Brigade to supply equipment to both dispense and meter the concentrate, so that accurate records could be kept of the amount used by each fire unit.
Using a HMI control based panel the required volume of product can be selected by the operator, the processor then controls the operation of the pump to dispense correctly.
Quick connectors were used to make the operation as easy as possible for the operator, as was a priming system to ensure all air was eliminated on IBC changeover to maintain the accuracy of each dispense.
Crest service the installation yearly to maintain the complete system for reliability and accuracy
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Positive Displacement pumps for Slurry Loading/Offloading

Engaged by a major Blue Chip Company handling a difficult to pump slurry, Crest investigated the characteristics of the product and defined the maximum shear the product could accept.
We selected positive displacement pumps, geared to run at a suitable speed to both achieve the duty required and retain the characteristics of the transferred fluid.
Used for Loading and Offloading bulk carriers the pumps proved to be reliable and maintained efficiency throughout their service life

Fuel Pumps for Naval vessels

Crest Process were proud to supply the British Navy via MOD procurement with pumps for aircraft refuelling. Due to the flammable nature of Avtur and Avgas fuels to be handled, the pumps and drives were flameproof to EexD IIbT4, Now Atex Zone 1
The pictures shows 7 units ready for despatch, following Testing, Certification and Painting fully in line with the customers strigent requirements
The skids and pumps were designed to accept large levels of acceleration that could be encountered, and to fit in the available space on the vessels to which the pumps were to be fitted.

Dairy Produce Manufacturer, with Biogas plant

Working closely with a local Dairy Produce manufacturer, Crest Process have assisted in their commissioning of a new Biogas plant, including transfer of waste to and between digesters and used waste to final treatment before disposal. Having established the duties required, we supplied pumps Ancillary equipment and control panels to complete the necessary work.
On the same site we have supplied pump and control panels for Chiller Systems, Product Processing, Mixing, DAFF cell operation, and Waste disposal.
We are also involved in the assessment of new projects for the site and look forward being of continued  service in all aspects of pumping required by this client

Pumps for Repair Chemicals

With a culture of continuous development the two adjacent pictures show the original and final generations of stand alone pump systems designed to handle agressive chemical solvent.
Used in the repair of subteranean pipework, the systems are used to force solvent through the feature to extract the bulk of the repair product put into the pipe, to leave a repaired hardened surface to the inside of the pipe. This eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming excavations, whilst making a strong and effective repair.
Crest also had the pleasure to supply the associated High Pressure Air powered piston pumps and mixer systems for the primary repair medium used by the same contractors

Vertical pumps for Helicopter Fueling / Defuelling

Designed for machinery deck installation these vertical positive displacement pumps were capable of continuous operation without the need for fan cooling. Handling Avtur and Avgas safety was of paramount importance, with Eexd IIB T4 motors, sparkproof guards and couplings, the equipment has been in service for several years, with some minor spares being supplied only this year.
The equipment was again designed to accept the high accelerations and large variations in attitude which could be experienced in service.
Special painting and detailed certification completed the package supplied with this  equipment 
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