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      Crest Process Engineering Ltd were recently aquired by Axflow and we now provide Sales, Service , Maintenance and Repair for Axflow in the South West of the UK, We continue to to supply all our previous  
       services and additionally can offer new services with the assistance of our Head Office in Slough

Seawater Conditioning Systems for
Stern Tube Bearing Lubrication and Seal Protection

Crest Have been manufacturing Seawater Cleaning and Conditioning skids for several years and their equipment has been used on foreign Navy vessels, Ships on the Great Lakes, Ore  Carriers and in Arctic / Antarctic waters.

Manufactured in Aluminium Bronze, Copper Nickel and High Alloy Duplex Stainless Steel, the equipment is designed and constructed for rugged use on board working vessels.

Filtering via Cyclone Separators designed by Crest, Single or Double Pass Systems are available allowing cleaning of the water of solids with a Specific Gravity of 1.2 or above and a size of 25 microns or above.

All Skid Mounted, Pumps, Cyclone Separators, Pipework, Valves and Control Panels are supplied in a "Plug and Play" format for ease of installation.

During initial design work, modular systems were discussed but never specified. However, designs exist to allow the modular construction of Water Conditioning Skids to single, double, triple or more arrangments of pumps, cyclones and if necessary strainers, to achieve your desired water condition.  Flow and Pressure of clean water from the systems can be set to your required values by means of integral bypasses and return lines

Options Available

Although currently manufactured in Copper Nickel, Aluminium Bronze and High Alloy Duplex Stainless steels, Crest can also manufacture in 316 stainless steel for Closed Loop type systems or in Open Loop Systems where some seawater corrosion can be tolerated and regular maintenance is implemented to keep the system operational  or where the system is running on fresh water.

"Plastic" construction is also available for installations where cost is a major consideration and ruggedness can be compromised by introduction of external protection or training.

Units can also be designed to fit available space on smaller vessels, where space is at a premium and additional weight of equipment needs to be kept to a minimum.

When retrofitting Seawater Conditioning Systems the design can be arranged to offer the optimum solution for your needs.

Legislation is becoming more stringent on new ship builds and with protection of the environment a major consideration now for all ocean going vessels and water craft isn't it time you talked to Crest to source a Water Conditioning System for your Vessel
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Schematic of Multi Module
Seawater Conditioning Assembly